A2 Book Scanners

The solution your library archive has been waiting for, a fast, cost-effective way to…

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Microfilm Scanners

In the digital era, your microfilm and microfiche information is more powerful because…

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Wide Format Scanners

A range of wide-format digital reprographic systems. With business reprographic…

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Featured Products
Library Of Birmingham

The £189m Library of Birmingham, which houses a collection of one million books buys 16 SL1000 microfilm scanners

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British Library

The British Library buys 40 SL1000 Digital Microfilm Scanners for the new reading room at St Pancras, London, England.

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Victoria & Albert Museum

"The introduction of book scanners has been one of our most popular service developments with our users."

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Manchester Central Library

"Extensive trials were carried out on a number of similar machines and the SL1000 Digital Microfilm Scanner from Covergold provided more than we were looking for."

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The University of Manchester

"The Book Scanner provides excellent high quality results across the spectrum from plain text documents to highly detailed colour maps. "

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Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottinghams newly refurbished libraries acquire SL1000 Digital Microfilm Scanners.

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Trinity College Cambridge

"In my opinion the Bookeye is an excellent piece of equipment. Now it is possible to explore our treasures online."

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Sunderland City Council

"The SL1000 microfilm readers were space saving, enabling a refurbishment that produced a streamlined and visually attractive working environment."

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